Quite Great Music Pr help acts from around the world and so we were really excited when KASHY  a pop act from Hong Kong contacted us and we discovered that for the last five years he’s been living in big cities on both sides of the world ,increasingly  noticing how people seldom acknowledge others around them in what seems like a growing disconnect in modern society. A lot of us are too busy looking down at our phones and trying our best to avoid any kind of face-to-face interaction is how he outlined to The QUITE GREAT PR guys.

But it probably makes more sense to leave the full story to Kashy himself –

‘Despite modern technology and the endless ways we have to connect, reports suggest that we are actually lonelier than ever. Some say our addiction to machines 24/7 is affecting our ability to connect with our lives and the people around us.

It’s clear that we’ve become more social in a virtual way, but perhaps not so much in person. We’re more connected than ever before, but in other ways more isolated and alone.

It’s this growing contradiction in society and living on my own in a big and unfamiliar city that led me to write a song called “Need for Love”. It’s something that you can’t fail to notice these days when you walk around – how disengaged people are from their surrounding and others around them. I figure I can’t be the only one who feels this way and so I put my feelings into song.

Although we might appear increasingly more distant from each other on the surface, deep down most, if not all, of us have the basic human need to love and feel loved in return. Put simply, “no one is above the need for love.” That’s worth remembering the next time you’re in a big city walking around in what seems like a sea of zombies all looking face down at their phones. Technology may have changed how we act and appear on the surface, but deep down our needs, wants and desires remain the same.

“Need for Love” is the lead single from Kashy’s new album “Inner Song” available 18 March 2016.’ Watch the video for ‘Need for Love’ taken from the album here.

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