Think of it as launching your own record label and having the staff to help

You Run The Record Label

At Quite Great if you feel you wish to run the music project we can help you. It is very simple , over a six , eight or ten week period we will supply you with the mix of services to fit your budget and your release strategy in the UK. Think of it as launching your own label and immediately having the staff to help you , on a budget that you decide and a timeframe to fix your needs.When the job is over we have delivered a range of pr and promotionsstarting with posting, building music , video links etc , then online pr , next will be local, community and digital radio targeting as well as local print media , then finishing off with taking your music to the tastemakers at agreed rock and mainstream radio outlets.

You get regular feedback and you keep the team in the loop on creative ideas which we can add to and really drive the campaign forward. Once the campaign is over we discuss the results and build the next release stage of the campaign exactly like you are running your own label.

For more information email us at or skype quitegr8 , and you quote the term , ‘You run the label’ , then outline the budget you are trying to work within and if we like what you are doing and you like what we are doing we can help build a strong working relationship.