Anyone in the business of music marketing should know about MUSO and how they have helped dance acts, djs and dance producers in the UK.

Quite Great handle all types of musical styles and a range of different businesses  this week i thought i would give one of our clients a real plug as they are doing so much to help indie labels and major music corporations alike as well as developing bands and artists, Muso the leading independent anti piracy company who number legendary producer Andy Chatterley as one of the founder members guarantee vital music revenue for artists and labels.In recent days the Dance Music World has benefitted from their understanding of all musical genres with MUSO launching a new platform which includes remarkable functionality for labels as well as the ability to search entire artist catalogues for infringement with just one implementation, with even greater cost-efficiency. This therefore means that every Remix and an entire artists catalogues can be protected.

The revolutionary upgrade was announced at SXSW and is the first of its kind, as Andy Chatterley explains –

“Labels can now reduce the cost of anti-piracy measures on a per track basis to a minimal amount, making it incredibly cost-effective to protect an entire artist’s catalogue or every track on an album. And now, for the first time, Dance labels can protect every remix on a single or EP release without incurring a per track charge.”


But it is the scale of the machine that Muso offers that is so impressive to myself especially as they are an independent enterprise championing the cause of indie music right through to mainstream pop , MUSO now scans for each album and track separately from over 5 billion webpages 24/7, increasing the coverage and scope for labels using the service up to a hundred fold, while also tapping into and mimicking consumer behaviour on search engines, to optimise popular search results towards legal content, on a massive scale. It is the fastest, and most inclusive system on the market, and the only anti-piracy platform allowing labels and artists to takedown infringing content – cyberlockers, torrents,, and mp3 streaming sites via their unique user friendly dashboard. Featuring auto takedowns, google takedowns, add files for soundcloud, ebay, amazon, YouTube, instant takedowns on 50% of all files found and indepth reporting and analysis. MUSO puts artists and labels back in control, saving hours of manually sending takedown notices and giving 24/7 peace of mind and protection.

It is important that when releasing music in the UK you understand the importance of protecting your music so I recommend you should check out MUSO as they are  a global anti-piracy company with regional offices in London, UK and Los Angeles California.