It has been a sad morning for the Quite Great team having received the news yesterday evening concerning Steve Strange’s untimely death in Egypt of heart failure. We worked with him and his label on numerous projects from new Visage albums to a major  anniversary event for the Blitz club and discussions relating to books and  exhibitions.  Vicky our Head of PR dealt with Steve regularly and she fondly recalls not only the serious PR aspects of what we carried out but the lighter side as well .

‘We would speak for hours literally most days when we were working on a project, and he always had the time to explain all the details of what he wanted to be done .’ explains Vicky , ‘ He would always make us laugh and he was always a true drama in a very positive way and we found ourselves helping him with all matters from projects to how best to use his mobile phone which always seemed to cause him problems. We always looked forward to hearing from him and we will all miss him.’

Steve was always someone who did not want to let anyone down and therefore always was happy to do as many interviews in a day as was possible, he even would be very specific , as would be expected, to look great for interviews and sometimes look great when he was only doing a phone interview. He lived and loved fashion and had great respect for his fans , who were very , very loyal to him and always wished to know everything that was going on . It has been a busy day today just dealing with fans contacting and asking for any further news, it has been a very touching day for us all.

Everyone who understands fashion and understands music , will also understand how much Steve and the Blitz club brought these two things together , there was perhaps never a musical and fashion movement outside of punk that intertwined so closely and many will see Steve and his entrepreneurial spirit as the glue that bonded both elements of this defining scene…………….we will miss him.