Quite Great have worked for many years building a way for unsigned artists and unsigned rock bands both in the UK and outside the UK.  Unlike many other promotions or PR companies we set up release stages for bands similar to how a record label may work, helping to develop a band over a period of time in line with the needs and aims of the artist.

We always listen to how the artist wants to release their music and then work with them as a marketing team. Hence the reason we formed www.quitegreatmusicmarketinguk.com in order to differentiate between straight forward publicity for bands and add the marketing dimension to help bands through the confusing release process.

The key thing when considering releasing music in the UK is that results with a first release are all about building media attention. We go to all the relevant hype machine blogs, then radio, local media and national print media but stress that it is all about building foundations and delivering results to allow you to grow. It is vital that a band that is unsigned looks to a series of releases and budgets accordingly as in many ways you have to remember you are running your own small business in the early stages. You must look at not just music sales but linking in with the merchandise companies such as Zazzle who help sell your brand simply and allow you to generate income above simple single and download sales.

The more items you have to sell the more you will link in with fans and also promoters who will be able to understand you really wish to grow . In terms of running your small business you might also wish to increase funding opportunities and the likes of www.musicraiser.com can really help. We will discuss crowd funding at a later stage but whether it be backing from such a system, a local council initiative, friends and family etc. you will need to understand the finances of your band and the investment you need in order to grow affectively.

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  1. That’s great article, but I think making gigs is way more important now. Just a new resource for making more gigs for unsigned bands – Poptop UK. I think its a great chance for unsigned bands to book some gigs whout investing a lot of meoney in promotion..

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