Being hailed as ‘transformational’ for investors in companies from small to large, a new App from Teathers Financial PLC is causing quite a stir among online business specialists. The Teathers App, free to download on Apple and Android devices, offers a new, crowdfunded method for linking companies and investors more swiftly through mobile technology.

Launched with help from Shard Capital, an FCA regulated broker, the App offers unprecedented mobile access to dealing facilities, investment monitoring and up-to-date business news. It is designed to allow investors to track their ongoing and potential investments while on the move – something which is becoming a vital tool in a stock market which fluctuates ever more fluidly.

The Teathers app is primarily designed for private investors, allowing access to trends within market sectors and share prices, as well as a state-of-the-art predictive technology to keep an eye out for new opportunities. There is also video and audio content available for users, offering insights and interviews with business owners and market specialists to help users make informed decisions on their moves in the market place.

In a statement, Teathers Executive Chairman Jason Drummond described the App as ‘revolutionary’ for its ability to put private investors on an equal footing in terms of access to publicly trading companies. Whether a single App can break down the lead held by institutional investors remains to be seen, but it’s often the case that when one new App appears another will follow – it will be interesting to monitor the success of The Teathers App in the coming months and see whether it inspires others to offer similar opportunities.

In the meantime, this is one new avenue which could well start to narrow that gap between private investors and corporate ones. And even if that gap is not broken down completely, it offers new routes into investment opportunities for those outside the corporate framework.

There have been previous attempts by Apps to offer tips and advice to potential private investors. However, they have often been singular in their features – perhaps offering predictions without the function to actually move ahead with closing a new deal or making a new investment. A new tool which offers a look at upcoming trends as well as the chance to jump aboard early could well be a game changer.

App information:

The Teathers App, free from Android and Apple stores

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