Quite Great Music Marketing has a reputation for helping acts get signed, but you must always remember that in order to get signed you need to have a series of interlinking elements.

Firstly it is important to have strong social networking comprising of relevant and active Facebook and Twitter likes and followers. Do not be tempted to go for any service that is anything other than true organic development as labels will spot this a mile off. It is better to have an active following than a huge inactive following as these ‘fans’ must ultimately help grow your career. You then need to make sure you have built your PR to allow you to do more dates as live shows are the key to success once your profile has grown. By building blog and online activity, our online PR team introduce your music to relevant sites and increase interaction and activity. The key to getting signed though, is to have great music, whether you are thrash metal or folk, you need to introduce that great music to the right A’n’R man at the right label.

We use the analogy of apples and pineapples, both are fruit but they are quite different. If you approach an A’n’ R executive with an apple when he really likes pears then you will end up not getting the response you require; hence doing your research is key. Do not bombard them but introduce them when relevant to new elements of your growing story. A classic example of this is the wonderful Si Cranstoun who had spent a lot of time building his fan base as a street musician. Honing his amazing soul vocal and hugely catchy songs until it was clear that if introduced to the right record label A’n’ R man, his talent should be clear for that person to see. Having gained Radio 2, Evening Standard and some other relevant media we approached a hugely experienced and successful executive and the deal was struck, with a first release set for later in 2014.

There are no ‘definite’ in the music industry but one thing is clear the better you are at performing, writing songs and singing, the greater your chance of being signed as long as you are clear if you are an apple or a pineapple.