It’s in all the papers- a millionaire lawyer quits his job to run away with the circus.

Our client Gary Stocker the ‘human cannonball’ has become famous overnight, after the story of how he said goodbye to his six-figure salary and helped set up a circus caught the attention of the national press.

Gary set up Chaplin’s Circus with his friend Mark Foot when he decided that being a law writer and legal recruitment officer wasn’t what he wanted to do after all. He has spent tens of thousands of pounds on a huge 1400-seat circus tent and some of the best performers around, and the show is set to be a huge success.

Chaplin’s Circus is a show that tells the story of a 1920’s travelling circus trying to save itself from bankruptcy. Gary plays the part of The Great Herrmann, a ‘human cannon ball’ who tries to bring back the crowds with his death-defying stunts.

Thanks to our top marketing skills, Gary and his friends are all over the media- he’s featured in the Sun, the Metro, the Times and the Daily Mail to name but a few, and we’re feeling quite proud!

Although music is our focus here at Quite Great, we also provide marketing and PR services for entertainment companies, such as Chaplin’s Circus, so that they can get the exposure they deserve. We work together with the acts we represent to create captivating stories and attention-grabbing headlines that will get our clients noticed by the media.

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