FAQ’s Music Marketing Success

How long have you been in business?

16 years and counting ….. covering all of the country plus US college radio, and global online broadcasters. We are a creative and passionate company who put our clients first and love what we do. Whether it be getting acts onto video channels or creating headline grabbing ideas to promote our bands.

What services do you provide?

Here at Quite Great Music Marketing, we are trained to offer a range of services.
  • Online and digital pr for the UK – We create content thanks to our inhouse journalists who help create the right environment for artists developing in the UK , we then have a very active online pr team who approach agreed sites and aim to gain impactful results on Google, and you will soon see how it helps with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). As the campaign develops bigger online areas are targeted such as online magazines and music sites for bigger coverage.
  • Radio promotion for the UK is available but please make sure you distinguish between those who simply email out and those who actually plug to radio there is a big difference we have our very own radio plugger contacting national and local radio, having regular meetings with them so this will help your chances of getting plays and your music heard.
  • Print PR is something we offer too. Once again we have contacts with both national and local newspapers and regularly get our artists and news stories featured. We are able to come up with innovative stories that the media will be interested in. Again don’t be confused by the companies who use mail chimp lists and simply email out but don’t interact with journalists. We create stories to fit the media not simply send out music for review we spend a great deal of time working on angles and out stories hit the media every week , ask us for more details.

How much does it cost?

Please make sure the services you are asking for are being compared like for like with other companies.

  • Do you have a team working with you, at Quite Great Music Marketing the answer is yes, is that true for other companies?

The price all depends on what you’re after in your campaign. Once you have had a chat with the team, we can put a strategy together for you and can work out a suitable price, taking into account your budget.

You do need a budget for a pr campaign, we are contacted by three or four bands a day from around the world and although we have a music publishing company attached to Quite Great and a distribution deal, we offer a paid for service. We pride ourselves on beating any similar company on price and we believe service and attention to detail, so if you have an offer from a similar company send us the details and see if our team can improve on it.

Can you guarantee me coverage?

Yes! We have had the experience of working with so many artists of varying music genres and as a result, we have developed contacts in all areas that we can always go to. We have a number of online sites that we can always get coverage in, so getting ‘no coverage’ is not something that will ever happen!

Can you guarantee sales?

Yes in a way we can. All the coverage we get you, be it online, in the press, or on the radio, will have an impact on your sales.

Do you organise gigs?

We don’t personally organise gigs ourselves, however, it is something we can help with. We have contacts with numerous bookers and therefore can put you in touch with someone who can!

How long do campaigns take?

The length of a music marketing campaign can vary depending on what you want. For upcoming artists, we would suggest a 10 week campaign to gain you as much coverage in all areas we have to offer (online, radio and press). However, if you are just wanting certain services, perhaps online only, then you may not want to carry on for 10 weeks. It’s completely up to you and your needs, which is something we can discuss with you personally. If you are recording artist you therefore need to release music and you need a team who can structure those releases for you.

What makes you different?

Quite Great since it’s birth in 1996 has continually battled on behalf of developing artists to gain creative coverage in addition we have worked with music legends and artists that we have signed or help sign to major labels with a major label background experience is everything and a never say die attitude comes with the territory. Music is one of the greatest things our species has created there is nothing that can make you as sad or as happy , it is a fact that everyone is different and music is the same, we find the people who like you music !

How do I get in the papers?

We have been able to get many big news stories in the national papers, and with our creative team here at Quite Great Music Marketing, we can find a suitable story to hit the press with about you! We can use some of your background information and come up with a creative story that the press will be interested in and it’ll all go from there. Ask any other pr company to show you the creative ways they get into the media then see how we do it.

Do you do online pr?

We sure do! We have a number of PR sites where we can distribute press releases to, to immediately gain you online coverage and get your news out there. We then have contacts with a number of online blogs, magazines, radios where we can get you features, interviews and reviews on.

Do you do digital marketing?

We send out regular newsletters to our large database of contacts about what Quite Great are up to and who we are working with. We also do a lot of social networking across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as our Quite Great websites where we keep our new stories up to date too.

Do you do print PR?

Yes! We regularly get our stories featured in the press and have a number of contacts with them.

Do you do radio and TV promotions?

Radio is something that we can always offer our clients. We have our own radio plugger who has regular meetings with national radio stations and can get us plays on a regular basis. We also have contacts with TV channels as well, especially the music channels such as Channel AKA, Sub TV, MTV who we regularly are in talks with. For music videos, we use Fastrax to send out music videos, and can then contact the right people to get your video on the TV!

Do you help get acts signed?

Yes, we do we have helped many music acts get signed but it all comes with media attention and teamwork.

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