“What type of music promotion and PR is going to get me as an artist noticed?”

At Quite Great we strive to find the key ‘angle’ that will help us generate creative, effective music promotion.

For over twenty years, and whilst Head of PR at Polydor –  overseeing releases for Geffen, Motown, Fiction and Mother – it was always important to consider a creative idea that could really help a release to grow.

That is what Quite Great have done for many years: sitting down, listening and understanding what makes the artist tick… along with the back story to how their music is created. All of this helps the press and online buzz.

This creative thinking relates to all different types of music from classical to rock and indie to urban. Everyone has a story to tell.

Finding The Story That Sets You Aside

When approaching us to discuss the label services we offer or just individual services, always make sure you are ready to discuss the small details behind your music.

Think of what would be relevant to develop. For example, we have had acoustic artists touring the UK along the canal system, stopping off and performing at pubs, dance acts who get spotted by labels singing behind beauty counters, bands who create artwork from rubbish, folk singers who have lived in a tree, rock gods who are rumored to be buying football teams, former waitresses singing for their supper who end up performing to Brad Pitt and George Clooney and getting a major label deal, classical acts busking to raise money for charities, the list is endless…. The fundamental thing is to look at where the story fits into the release pattern, and not to try and make an idea fit if it is not going to help the artist gain media coverage.

Don’t forget , there is a great opportunity once a news story is online, or once a radio interview or series of radio interviews have taken place.

Radio play, word of mouth, discussions in the work place, talks in bars all = potential fan growth. Having an angle/story to back this up will help word spread faster, as it’s a talking point.

This is what we like to see as the best PR for music artists, the ability to work artists and discover the story that will hit the headlines.

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