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Quite Great was founded in 1996 and in recent years we have adapted our promotional services covering radio, press, and online to cover all aspects of label services for developing acts in the UK whether they be Uk based or around the globe. If you are looking for music pr as a label where your aim is to release a series of tracks or artists over a given timeframe then we can offer a very simple release structure for you adapting to budgets that fit your needs because our team are based inhouse so no outsourcing hence a coordinated approach with regular reporting and subsequent discussing of these reports hence the label is always in control. Alternatively, as an unsigned or developing artist as we prefer to call our acts, the process is even more simple.

The main problem artists face when working with a music pr company seems to be clarity of objective and understanding the key aims. There is no miracle to helping acts to grow but over the years we have helped acts to get signed to major labels working alongside managers or acting as management within our project management set up.

The clarity of how the campaign structures work is vital as once a budget has been agreed to fit a relevant timeline release pattern from 6 to 10 weeks then you set out the key media, above and beyond the foundation media that is vital to target, that the artist is trying to focus on. This could be an initial play on 6 Music, a piece in Classic Rock, a gossip mention in a tabloid, or a tastemaking profile on Hypemachine blogs. Once we have got our ten key targets, which we aim to reach by the end of the first release stage, then we start to develop the foundations of the campaign by making sure the band or artist is featured on as many ‘foundation’ media areas as possible, whether they be smaller radio stations, online music blogs through to local media, as it is vital we get to around 40 different elements within the first release pattern even if the bigger areas do not initially jump on board.

The integrated pr and promo campaign will end up delivering in a first release a series of media areas that will allow the next release stage to be based on solid pr results.

It is important to view each release as a stepping stone, and working within pre-agreed manageable budgets set down by the label or artist, Quite Great and their in-house team provide a reporting structure that then sets up regular discussions between the team and the client. These will relate to the positives and negatives of the campaign so far, but the most important thing is the outline template for the campaign when it kicks off, so at each stage, everyone knows what is expected.

The idea of our Label Services release patterns is based on the tried and tested formula that used to prevail in the music industry of artist development, by this we mean helping to build media and fans through each release. Hence we do not promise the world and ultimately run the risk of promising too much, if what we outline with the potential client based on our years of covering all aspects of dance music pr, through to classic music pr, or folk pr to heavy rock, is what you feel you need then working with our team will allow you to stay in control.

Each report needs to be discussed that is vital, so a skype chat – if you are outside the UK generally – or a phone chat for our UK clients will make sure everyone is on the same page.

If you are an artist or a band who has already tasted success or built a fanbase then if you imagine you are signing the team up like a label would sign you but instead of worrying that you will be dropped if too much money is spent, then this process allows you to decide what you wish to spend over a six to a twelve-month time period and you control the purse strings, not the label.

Creatively we have a strong reputation for finding the stories behind the artists and getting them into the media. This comes from our love of creative thinking and sitting with clients for hours getting to understand that key element of the music which will act as the hook and get the media really excited so they will interview or discuss during a live session on the radio the story we have put to them. Our aim is to make things interesting and hence increase the profile of our clients.

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We love what we do and aim at all stages to work with our clients not against them in order to build the media they desire if they need publishing help or want to utilise our distribution or booking agency side then that can be discussed as well , with the aim of offering all an artist needs under one roof.