Despite the fact you can get a lot of free music advice on the web, you should always try and check if a music blogger is someone who has real applicable experience to give music advice to upcoming bands and musicians.  Music promotion and music advice is best received by either those who have lived and breathed it or someone who has made a difference in the industry, a music maverick of some kind. Normally a band/signer looking for advice must be careful that these well-meant words are not well meaning at all but part of a cheaper SEO campaign to drive traffic to a website! The difference between the two can be hard to spot if someone is ‘talking the talk’ so to speak, but a person who is in the music industry will always tell you struggles and ups and downs of getting to the top. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

So rule one is, who is the person offering the advice and rule 2 is why are they offering this advice? A lot of companies are under a disguise of a professional, but don’t actually know what they are talking about in the music industry.  The reason Quite Great and Decade PR offer advice is twofold, one so if you are a band you may be able understand more about PR experts work and end up working with quite great, or two, if you are a potential new staff members and you are trying to find a career in the music industry, then quite great would be an ideal company to help you with a music apprentice scheme.

Either way, if you are looking for your big break or looking to start a career in this industry, be careful who you take advice from and what they may be after. The best way is to always get advice from bands and companies who are well known and trusted in the industry.