Singer/songwriter Si Cranstoun has spent twenty years perfecting his vintage soul sound on street-corners. Now, thanks to a little help from Radio 2’s Terry Wogan (and us of course), he’s been able to take his music from the streets to the stage.

Si has been performing on pavements since he was just 16 years old, which has given him plenty of time to write a huge catalogue of original material. Busking also led to him meeting his wife Tamu, who stopped to hear him play and got him to sign her CD.

After signing to a major label last April, Si has been able to bring his unique sound to a much wider audience. His new single ‘Caught in the Moonlight’ now features on the Radio 2 playlist alongside tracks from Elbow and Morrissey, and tonnes of new listeners have been enjoying his fresh take on old school soul.

Si, whose musical style has been compared to Imelda May and soul pioneer Jackie Wilson, records his music in true vintage style using traditional equipment to give it a truly authentic sound. After years of just him and his guitar, his vocals are now backed by orchestral arrangements, although his throwback style remains the same as it ever was.

Si will be headlining Twinwood vintage festival this summer, as well as performing at Secret Garden Party later in the month. Despite his new found success, he still goes back to the streets to perform, and he’s unlikely to forget his humble beginnings as a busker any time soon.

‘Caught in the Moonlight’ is out now.