The Quite Great Marketing and Label Services team work with artists at all levels of their development from across the world and we gain immense insights from them as to how they find the UK Music Industry and the trials and tribulations of working within in it, before checking out the interesting views of developing pop act Timotion check his video which was ingeniously created using an array of dance footage and has certainly shown a clever way to make a very watchable music video.

‘The good thing about being an artist making it on your own is that you have total control of your product.

1. You have a say in when it is released, where it is released, and how it is released.

2. You have the luxury of bringing product to market in weeks instead of months.

3. You don’t fall risk to having your product shelved in favour of a bigger artist.

4. You have the choice of which artist you work with and which producers you use.

5. You have a the last say in which tracks you choose for release, the supporting video, and promotional campaign.

6. The benefit of a successful campaign is far more lucrative than if you were in debt to a label.

7. Now a days we independents have a platform to where can get our product to millions.

8. My work is appreciated by industry professionals who have been in this industry for years.

9. To hear those who have been in this industry and have seen millions of talented people and say to me that I am very talented, is one of the highest compliments you can be paid.

10. Lastly, to know that people enjoy the music that I created is priceless

For me the above is exciting and all up to me to either succeed with or not. I can only blame myself if things don’t go well. I like the fact that in order to see a return on my investment I don’t have to sell millions of records. More importantly I enjoy making music and I am very fortunate that I am able to create, package, and put my music on the market.

The down side to all of this which we will label the bad is you are really on your own.

1. It is difficult to get the support from promotional companies, National and regional radio as they favour the larger organisations.

2. I just don’t have the budget of a major so my campaigns take longer and are not as wide spread as I would like.

3. I can’t compete with the bigger labels in regards to getting the exposure for my titles.

4. You can have the best track of the year, but if it isn’t in mainstream there is little fall out from a brilliant track.

5. It can be frustrating as you feel as if you are at a stand still, you expect a certain amount of movement but things grind to almost a halt.

Even with the bad you must focus on the good and the positive. I believe in a simple formula and that is just keep chipping away and chipping away, eventually the wall will fall.’

The guys at love working with all levels of act to help drive them to the next level and when you read such a piece as outlined above by Tim you can see why it is vital to offer a structured release pattern in order to really work with new artists in a focused manner so all is clear and understood as that is the only way to approach things when moving through the maze that can be the music industry.

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