This is the question!!! This is what Quite Great Music PR strive to achieve for all our acts , from all corners of the world to promote them in the UK so as we regularly listen and discuss the trials and tribulations of Unsigned artists it is great when the like for Rob White and his band the Righteous Reprobates, puts time aside and gives an insight into how he feel it is best to get noticed in the UK.

‘For new emerging artists getting noticed and creating that initial buzz can seem like the most daunting task. Once you’ve recorded your music and perfected your live performance it can feel like a bit of a dead end trying to get your music heard by the rest of the world. Thankfully there are a few things you can do to help yourself along the way.

The first port of call to get your music heard is to share via BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio and any local stations. The teams there can then potentially play your music to their audience. They’re both great platforms for emerging and newer artists.

Capture footage of your band playing live, whether it’s at a gig, rehearsal or live in the studio. Apart from giving fans something to sink their teeth into, it can be used to showcase what you’re all about and that you can actually play live to potential promoters and booking agents. Here’s an example of what this:

Doing a cover of a well known song can be useful. If you upload it to YouTube or any of the streaming sites like soundcloud then people searching for the original could stumble across yours and like your version enough to want to click on your other links and check you out.

You always want to be finding ways to drive people towards your Facebook page and hitting the like button. This way you can promote everything you do directly towards your fans. Apart from this it’s also a key indicator of how much traction you have which people from the industry will look at. There are a few things you can do to help this. For as little as £3 a day you can promote your page and website by targeting to people with similar tastes to your music. If you have a website (which you should) get the Facebook Like button imbedded as a plug-in and use the version that includes thumbnails of fans and enables comments to inspire interaction.

This is great advice and alongside the development work with a structured and experienced UK Music PR Team covering all aspects of music marketing as well, then this team ethic helps everyone to build effectively.

By Rob White

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