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The Quite Great Music marketing team at www.quitegreatmusicmarketinguk.com spend a great deal of time gaining insights into the world of unsigned and developing artists from across the globe , we are lucky to speak to around two or three bands and artists a day so we gain a real feel for the problems they face plus the opportunities they open for themselves through hard work and we are so pleased when they take time out and tell us in their own words about the way they develop as it is useful to all other acts in a similar position . The following information from the brilliant Japanese Fighting Fish is both eloquent and very informative and is a must read for anyone trying to manage their own music career from the bottom up.






As a self-releasing or self-managed band, the road to getting heard by a larger audience is fraught with challenges and not for the faint of heart, but with a lot of work, passion, and the right combination of band members is well worth taking on not to mention hooking up with the kind of guys at Quite Great music marketing who we are set to release our second single through. This of course assumes that the band have something truly unique to offer, however there are countless examples where the lack of originality has not prevented success, dispelling the myth that all it takes is the right song in a fleeting moment. That moment is made through perseverance and the culmination of multiple efforts at the same time, built on a foundation of a supportive lifestyle.

Firstly, the decision to even be a self-releasing band should be a conscious one, not to be taken lightly, but in an ever self-sufficient world of digital releases, the alternative is not always a viable option at entry level. It’s worth acknowledging that self-releasing comes in many different forms, and the extent to which it is executed largely depends on how well-informed the band is on the various options and how honest and realistic the members are in relation to their desired goals before setting out to achieve them.

In the early stages of a band’s development, creating a clear sense of what the band stands for will go a long way to defining how other people relate to the band going forward. Understanding each band member’s strengths and delegating duties fairly is as important at this stage as ever. Maybe one person has a good telephone manner and someone else has a flair for chatting to the local stage manager in person. Working to strengths and dividing duties evenly does wonders to nail that gig slot or land that studio time at a discount rate. Funding these efforts with a stable income is as important as time management and being organised, neither of which are attributes usually associated with aspiring musicians unfortunately. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Networking with the right studio engineers, photographers and ultimately booking agents goes a long way in bringing a relatively new band to big heights. Some bands are lucky to catch fire early owing to a combination of coolness, raw talent and luck, but it can be very damaging to expect opportunity to arrive on a silver plate. It can take a significant amount of time and research to have the right people in your circle of activity but once all the gears are moving in unison the energy of the band can be contagious to fans and influential individuals at all levels.

Decisions along the way may be tough, and it’s no secret that band members don’t decide on everything unanimously. Having the right attitude by putting the needs of the band before the preferences of the individual is important, both in writing songs and group decisions. A band agreement is highly useful in clearing up ambiguity and acts as great protection from uncertainty or misunderstanding.

Knowing where you need help and having the right tools at your disposal to seek that help out at the right cost is often half the battle. For example, using a digital distributor such as CD Baby can alleviate the pressure of deciding on the best retail strategy, allowing the band to use their limited resources elsewhere to promote their release. Again, promotion is something a band will need help with sooner or later, and knowing when and how the realm of the band meets the realm of the people working with the band will allow things to work in unison.

In an ideal world the right people will approach the band and offer great services at little or no cost and everyone is a winner. The reality is that this may happen perhaps in one or two realms to varying degrees of risk which is why access to the facts from the outset can mitigate time and money wasted.

There are now more than ever a whole host of things that bands can take on themselves with a myriad of online resources and pro tips. Entrusting the right people both inside and outside the band with the right tasks is a prerequisite for success, but ultimately getting out there and getting people excited about what you do is the best way to strike up a working partnership that can bear fruit in ways that are often hard to predict.

Matt // JFF






Unsigned artists! Quite Great says ‘Think Big!’

The Quite Great Marketing and label services team at www.quitegreat.co.uk spend a great deal of their time promoting  unsigned urban tracks through to unsigned  folk and classical so we feel that there are common threads to help unsigned music artists really get more media coverage , we regularly put together what we like to see as best music pr tips for unsigned musicians  and developing acts to consider, so we thought we would highlight one key way to build your profile. It may seem like a dream but as an unsigned musician it is always worth introducing your music to named acts and see if they can help spread the word , now clearly this tends to be viewed now as a social networking hoping to get an act to tweet etc but there are a catalogue of examples across the past twenty years of acts who have gained a bigger media profile by hooking in with a named act , at present we are lucky enough to be working with a really talented unsigned pop  act called Skyler who has come to the attention of the legendary rap act Snoop Dogg who has subsequently guested on her track Fire , even appearing on the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zn8MfeoiTKE

As mentioned although the dance and urban world is full of bigger acts introducing new names to a broader public one of my favourite guest appearances – although it must be stressed he was not an unsigned musician at the time –  was the wonderful Russell Watson working with one of the god’s of the Madchester scene, the one and only Shaun Ryder of Happy Mondays and Black Grape fame on the track Barcelona which is featured on our Quite Great youtube history https://www.youtube.com/user/Quitegreattv/playlists . The song was originally a huge global hit  Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe but the spin Russell and Shaun put on this classic meant it was embraced by a huge variety of age demographic etc and even saw them appearing on the original version of TFI with Chris Evans, a very rare opportunity indeed for a classical artist but this duet underline Russell as a huge national and subsequently international star.

Now obviously we cannot always know that a named artist will help an unsigned artist in any way but especially in the indie and rock world it is always worth approaching classic acts who may feel that they have not  been in the limelight for a while or that they may just really like to appear on a new, unsigned  artist’s  unheard track or video because they feel a sense of wishing to help develop a new career in the way they may have wished someone could have helped them at some stage in their early days when as an unsigned artist they were still living the dream.


So don’t be put off by thinking your heroes will not be interested in helping yes there may be deals to be done or backs to be scratched but the results can be huge .



Music Industry Loses Jazz Legend Joe Sample

Joe Sample performing at the Montreux Jazz festival in 2011.

Very sad news of the death of the legendary jazz musician, Joe Sample aged 75.

The late Sample wrote a wealth of classic hits, some of his greatest work includes 70’s hit “Streetlife” and “One Day I’ll Fly”.

Tributes to the star have flooded social media over the past couple of days as fans grieve the loss of a legend.

British musician, Kirk Degiorgio, paid homage to the star on Twitter saying, “RIP Joe Sample – one of the most iconic sessionists of the West Coast scene. So many classic riffs, hooks and accompaniment…”

Gilles Peterson paid tribute to the late Sample on Instagram, sharing a picture of the ‘’Freedom Sound” LP from The Jazz Crusaders, captioned ‘RIP Joe Sample’. See the tribute here:


Fellow jazz musician Brain Culbertson paid tribute the jazz legend on Twitter with simple message saying, “Thank you Joe for inspiring us to ‘groove’ harder”.

For those wishing to pay their respects to the legend, this was posted onto the Joe Sample FaceBook pager yesterday.

“Services for Joe Sample: Friday, September 19, 2014, 6:00pm-9:00pm, wake and viewing open to the general public, My Mother of Mercy Church, 4000 Sumpter St., Houston, TX, 77020. Funeral services will be private. In lieu of flowers, etc., the family asks to make donations to the Joe Sample Youth Organization, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit. Contributions can be made via paypal/credit card using the following link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=QV5AUC3H6AGQL or via check to the following address: Joe Sample Youth Organization, P.O. Box 590254, Houston, TX 77259.”

My greatest memory of Sample is of his iconic work with The Crusaders. He was a fantastic writer and truly a legendary musician.

Quite Great with Candi Staton at The Jazz Cafe Camden for her special duet with Pixie Lott

candi pixie 2

Soul legend Candi Staton and Brit superstar Pixie Lott put on a very special, one-off, performance last night at the infamous London music venue, The Jazz Cafe, Camden.

The creative PR team at Quite Great love nothing more than (music PR, and) witnessing music legends do their thing, so the opportunity to be part of this unique occasion was a treasured treat. After having a blast with Candi at Besitval this weekend the Quite Great team can’t get enough of her. The team were on hand at The Jazz Cafe last night taking care of Candi’s PR and of course basking in the fantastic show Candi and Pixie put on.

The intimate space of The Jazz Cafe was brought to life last night as Candi and Pixie took to the stage together.

Candi showcased some of her new songs to the lucky few that managed to get tickets to the sell-out event. The new material sounded like old classics already, with everyone singing the words back immediately.

The set was utterly phenomenal, even before the closing tracks. To finish the set Candi and Pixie joined forces to perform a very special duet of ‘Young Hearts Run Free’ and finally the house was brought down with Candi’s original classic  ‘You’ve got the love’.

Pixie Lott tweeted last night saying ‘’Tonight I got to sing with one of my favourite singers ever’’.

It’s sure to say that nobody was disappointed and everybody was left with a certain afterglow following the special evening.

Quite Great at Bestival with Candi Staton

The Quite Great team  were treated to an unforgettable performance by the Soul Icon Candi Staton at Bestival 2014 , whilst also arranging a great deal of fantastic pr at the festival in between Candi’s amazing live show which really thrilled the public and media alike. The album promotion at radio and press is going really well and Bestival was such a great starting point.

There have been a host of articles raving about Staton’s electric performance at Bestival, including The Daily Telegraph who said Staton, ‘’prowled the stage like a woman half her age’’. The Quite Great Team spent the weekend working hard arranging Candi Staton’s pr whilst also having time to check out a great performance by Foals

Bestival tweeted a video of Staton working the crowd, saying, ‘’The whole site was buzzing’’, and we must admit, so were we.

You can catch videos of Staton performing at Bestival here:



Here are some cheeky snaps of Staton having a ball back stage with the Quite Great girls.

photo (4)

photo (2)

Bestival was incredible and is a truly one of the must go to events on the  British festival scene . We can’t wait to see what they put on next year…it’ll take something spectacular to top this year’s enchanting ensemble.