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Should Google be doing more to fight music piracy?

It’s the “crime” that many music lovers are willing to commit if it means they can own their favourite tracks for free. However, experts at the IFPI claim the search engine giant has been ineffective and “could do so much more” to stop illegal music downloading.

The body’s statement came after its annual review of the industry showed a 3.9 per cent decrease in global recorded record sales in 2013, compared to the previous year. The fall came despite a huge increase in the amount of money consumers spent on music streaming.

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Thumbs up for Music Piracy Firm

Anyone in the business of music marketing should know about MUSO and how they have helped dance acts, djs and dance producers in the UK.

Quite Great handle all types of musical styles and a range of different businesses  this week i thought i would give one of our clients a real plug as they are doing so much to help indie labels and major music corporations alike as well as developing bands and artists, Muso the leading independent anti piracy company who number legendary producer Andy Chatterley as one of the founder members guarantee vital music revenue for artists and labels. Continue reading Thumbs up for Music Piracy Firm