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Quite Great with Candi Staton at The Jazz Cafe Camden for her special duet with Pixie Lott

candi pixie 2

Soul legend Candi Staton and Brit superstar Pixie Lott put on a very special, one-off, performance last night at the infamous London music venue, The Jazz Cafe, Camden.

The creative PR team at Quite Great love nothing more than (music PR, and) witnessing music legends do their thing, so the opportunity to be part of this unique occasion was a treasured treat. After having a blast with Candi at Besitval this weekend the Quite Great team can’t get enough of her. The team were on hand at The Jazz Cafe last night taking care of Candi’s PR and of course basking in the fantastic show Candi and Pixie put on.

The intimate space of The Jazz Cafe was brought to life last night as Candi and Pixie took to the stage together.

Candi showcased some of her new songs to the lucky few that managed to get tickets to the sell-out event. The new material sounded like old classics already, with everyone singing the words back immediately.

The set was utterly phenomenal, even before the closing tracks. To finish the set Candi and Pixie joined forces to perform a very special duet of ‘Young Hearts Run Free’ and finally the house was brought down with Candi’s original classic  ‘You’ve got the love’.

Pixie Lott tweeted last night saying ‘’Tonight I got to sing with one of my favourite singers ever’’.

It’s sure to say that nobody was disappointed and everybody was left with a certain afterglow following the special evening.

Quite Great at Bestival with Candi Staton

The Quite Great team  were treated to an unforgettable performance by the Soul Icon Candi Staton at Bestival 2014 , whilst also arranging a great deal of fantastic pr at the festival in between Candi’s amazing live show which really thrilled the public and media alike. The album promotion at radio and press is going really well and Bestival was such a great starting point.

There have been a host of articles raving about Staton’s electric performance at Bestival, including The Daily Telegraph who said Staton, ‘’prowled the stage like a woman half her age’’. The Quite Great Team spent the weekend working hard arranging Candi Staton’s pr whilst also having time to check out a great performance by Foals

Bestival tweeted a video of Staton working the crowd, saying, ‘’The whole site was buzzing’’, and we must admit, so were we.

You can catch videos of Staton performing at Bestival here:

Here are some cheeky snaps of Staton having a ball back stage with the Quite Great girls.

photo (4)

photo (2)

Bestival was incredible and is a truly one of the must go to events on the  British festival scene . We can’t wait to see what they put on next year…it’ll take something spectacular to top this year’s enchanting ensemble.

Why investing in music marketing could be your best band investment

It’s all too easy to push it to the back of the priority list when it comes to what to spend your band’s budget on.

When all of your time as a band has been spent trying to raise enough money to buy equipment and studio time along with trying to earn money through gigs, it can be hard to recognise that there does come a time when you need to spend money too.

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The 11 biggest album launch fails in the 21st century

There can be no feeling worse as an artist but to pour your heart and soul into writing and creating a music album, only to find that your fans don’t want to buy it. Even being a big name in the music industry is no guarantee that your album will make it into one of the top 10 or even top 100 chart positions.

Inspired by Robin Thicke’s most recent fail, here are 11 of the biggest album flops of this century.

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Should Google be doing more to fight music piracy?

It’s the “crime” that many music lovers are willing to commit if it means they can own their favourite tracks for free. However, experts at the IFPI claim the search engine giant has been ineffective and “could do so much more” to stop illegal music downloading.

The body’s statement came after its annual review of the industry showed a 3.9 per cent decrease in global recorded record sales in 2013, compared to the previous year. The fall came despite a huge increase in the amount of money consumers spent on music streaming.

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